16 October 2017


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3.     Entrants aged under 18 years must obtain consent of their parent or legal guardian to enter the promotion and provide Personal Information about themselves.
4.     Entrants must submit their entry via their personal Youtube Account.
5.     The promotion period starts immediately after each new eligibaly video upload on Youtube.com/ChloeMorello and ends 12 hours later. 
6.     There will be 1X winner on each eligible video.


7.     To enter, individuals must complete the following steps during the Promotional Period:
a.     Subscribe or be subscribed already to the Chloe Morello YouTube account.
b.     Have notifications turned on for the Chloe Morello YouTube account.
c.     Post a comment within the first 12 hours following the upload of each eligible video.
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10.  The best (1) valid entry, as determined by the judges, will win the prize determined in the description of the video.
11.  Total maximum prize pool value is up to $200 USD inc. GST per winner. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash (unless otherwise indicated).

12.  The winner will be notified by being contacted via YouTube direct message, with a request from the Promoter to claim their prize, and in accordance with the dates set out in Conditions.  Any further correspondence between the winner and the Promotor will be via YouTube private direct message.
13.  The precise date(s) for the delivery of the prizes will be subject to the availability of the prize and will be notified to the winner at the time they are notified that they have won the prize.

  1. Promoter: Morello Beauty Pty Ltd

30 July 2017

Glittery Party Look with Smashbox Covershot Matte Palette!

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a glittery party look using the Smashbox Covershot Matte Palette! 

 Smashbox Covershot Matte Palette
I start off by giving my face a quick spritz with Pixi Glow Mist then primed with Becca First Light Primer. I’d never used this primer before but I really liked it; it left my skin looking good! Next up is a product that I just can’t live without right now, Urban Decay’s De-Slick Primer. Pat it over your oily areas and it will save your skin, just be sure to pat not wipe! (It will ball up like parmesan cheese if you wipe. EW.)

For foundation I’m applying Too Faced Born This Way foundation with the Sigma 3DHD Sponge, this beauty blender is my favourite. Make sure you pat in the areas you applied your primer just in case. 

Next, to prepare for the eyeshadow, I patted Ciaté Partner in Prime over my eyelid just using my fingertips. Then take the Covershot Matte Palette, and swipe the base colour lightly through your crease. Next, do a light halo on the outside and the inside of your lid with the mid-brown shade and blend it out. Take the deeper brown and blend it with the black and do the same halo, then soften it out again with a blending brush. It’s a good idea to use a tissue to catch the fallout at this step, although this palette has a pleasantly small amount of fallout. Take the highlight shade to clean up the blending if you need.

I used Urban Decay Moon Dust Shadows, putting a light one on the centre of my lid and blending it with my finger, and then patting a darker one over the top. Then I matted out the inner and outer corners with the deeper brown/black from the Smashbox Palette to maintain that halo effect. Don’t forget to match the shadow under your eye. Next, I used Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer around my eyes to lighten and brighten around that area. I put a tiny amount of the light Moon Dust Shadow under my eyes as well. 

I used Pixi Eye Define Waterline Pencil over my waterline and lash line, blending it in, then doing my lashes with Ciaté Wonderland Mascara. Like always, I pencilled my brows in lightly with the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, and then used Benefit Gimme Brow on top. I used the Becca Soft Light Powder on my 3DHD Sponge and went over it a brush to flick off any excess. I had to reapply the Moon Dust Shadow below my eye at this point because it had all come off already! 

Next I used the Revlon Sculpt+Contour Kit to very delicately sculpt out my nose. My blush, bronzer and highlight for this look came from the Becca X Chrissy Palette, which I adore. For lips I used Jeffree Star Prom Night Lipstick, it’s a really fun hot pink colour. To complete the look I used Lilly Lashes Cannes Lashes, which I love because they’re so wispy. And that’s the finished look! I think it would be perfect for a prom if you used a more subdued lipstick and didn’t use the glitter below your eyes, otherwise it’s a fun glitter look for going out!

See you next time! 
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18 July 2017

My Ride or Die Beauty Products

Hi guys! So I thought I would do a video on the products that I absolutely COULD NOT DO WITHOUT.

#1. Dr Spiller Skincare (Milk Cleanser, Aloe Toner, Collagen Cream, Day Cream & Eye Cream. Sanvita Cream while travelling). These products changed my skin’s life. I discovered it about two years ago and haven’t used many other skin products since. They’re rich, moisturising and nutrient-filled and have definitely improved my skin. It is quite expensive but in my mind very worth it.
#2. GHD Air Hair Dryer. I usually blow-dry my hair once or twice a week with this hairdryer. It dries my hair so much faster than any other hair dryer I’ve tried and allows me to get my fringe to curtain my forehead rather than sit up in a cowlick.
Image result for ghd air hair dryer
#3. Batiste Dry Shampoo. Even wear my hair is clean, I like to dry shampoo the roots to give it some volume. They make a special texturising one that is perfect for this, though the regular one works too.
Image result for batiste dry shampoo
#4. Chloé Eau De Parfum. Of course my favourite fragrance is from Chloé. It’s the prettiest springtime scent and I just adore it. It feels like me when I wear it, it’s my ride or die fragrance.
Image result for Chloé Eau De Parfum.
#5. Ciaté Wonderwand Mascara & Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. These two are my favourite mascaras. They’re both identically sized and have the same wands, but I prefer Ciaté’s formula a little bit.
Image result for Ciaté Wonderwand Mascara
#6. By Terry Baume De Rose. The BEST lip balm I have ever used HANDS DOWN. It’s the most softening, beautiful lip treatment ever. My lips get so dry without it.
Image result for By Terry Baume De Rose.
#7. Le Tan Tanning Lotion & James Read Express Glow Face Mask. I’ve trusted Le Tan my whole life, it’s a really popular Australian brand available at pretty much every store. But I also could not live without my James Read facial tanner. It’s so easy to get a more even skin tone without using foundation, so it’s a must have for me.
Image result for James Read Express Glow Face Mask.
#8. Lush Massage Body Bar. I LOVE these bars. I use them in the shower as a body conditioner because it’s basically a solidified oil that melts in the hot water. It’s so nourishing.
Image result for Lush Massage Body Bar
#9. Murad Invisiblur SPF. You can use this on its own as a moisturiser and it also helps blur your pores, or you can use it as a base before applying makeup, all while giving you SPF30 sun protection. 
Image result for Murad Invisiblur SPF
#10. Rexona Clinical Protection Anti Perspirant. The Holy Grail of deoderants. I’ve gone through like 15 of these, they’re all I wear now. 
Image result for Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant.
#11. Benefit Precisely My Brow (shade 4) & Gimme Brow (shade 5). So I do have my brows tattooed but I still use these. Used together they make my brows look more natural and give them more volume.
Image result for Gimme Brow
#12. Ciaté Nail Cuticle Oil. If you’re not using cuticle oil you need to be! It’s the most important part of nail care in my opinion, it helps your nails grow more healthily. I apply this at least once a day.  
Image result for Ciaté Nail Cuticle Oil.
#13. Too Faced Sweet Peach Tinted Lip Oil GlossThe smoothest feeling lipgloss EVER. It smells so sweet, it’s not sticky, it’s super pigmented and longlasting, it’s nourishing, it’s AMAZING, all the colours are amazing. Amazing.
Image result for Too Faced Sweet Peach Tinted Lip Oil Gloss.
#14. Revlon Cuticle Clippers. I use these to keep my cuticles neat and to clip off hangnails before I get the urge to Black Swan them. I also use it to trim my fake eyelashes.
Image result for Revlon Cuticle Clippers.
#15. Sigma 3DHD Blender. This blender actually smoother than the beauty blender, it’s softer, it has edges and corners. It’s super versatile and a must-have for doing more complex beauty looks. You can do more precise stuff with this one and that’s why it scores a place on this list!
Image result for Sigma 3DHD Blender

Check out the video and let me know your favourite products in the comments!
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13 July 2017

Go Ahead and Lie... A Too Faced Short Film

Hey guys! I had SO much fun filming this little short film with Too Faced and my friend Gabriel Zamora. Check out the trailer below and watch the whole thing by following the link in the video description!

 photo XO_CHLOE_zpsf98aa7f1.png

12 July 2017

16 Best Makeup and Beauty HACKS 2017

Hey everyone!! Today I have compiled my 16 BEST makeup and beauty HACKS of 2017! Without further ado, here they are!

#1 is shaving/dermaplaning - I shave the peach fuzz from my face about once a month, it makes such a difference when you apply your makeup that it doesn’t get caught up on those little hairs!

#2 is a tip I swear by. Wet your makeup sponge like usual, then, before applying your foundation, spritz the sponge with a little setting spray, so that you press the foundation in with the spray, rather than just add it on top. This makes your foundation last longer and makes it sweat proof.

#3 is carving out your eyebrows with concealer. It’s super quick and makes a massive difference to the look of your eyebrows. It's a must-do in my opinion!

#4 This is one of my crazier hacks, but when you’re doing eyeshadow looks, in a pinch you can use sanitary liners (yes, really lol) to catch the fallout. I like to reuse mine (for makeup purposes I swear) to minimise landfill.

#5 I don’t like the cakey feeling of powdering my face, but I’ve found that this can be eliminated by using a damp sponge in the powder. It will melt into your skin much better and give you almost a liquid foundation finish, try it out!

#6 To make the inner corner of your eye “pop” without using a really OTT shimmer highlighter, use a white eyeliner instead. It’s great making you look more awake and fresh on more casual or no-makeup days, and it can also be used as a base under a a highlighter to intensify the inner highlight. 

#7 Highlighting the vermillion border of your lips (like the ridge of your lips) with a white eyeliner can make your lips and face look more youthful. This is a great idea for people with lip injections, because injections diminish the line between your lips and your skin.

#8 Using an angled brush for applying your lipstick is one of my all time favourite hacks, especially for people who love bright lips. It creates very straight lines and allows you to get complete coverage in every little nook and corner of your lips! I have NO IDEA why companies make lip brushes paddle shaped, angled brushes are so much better!

#9 Someone else gave me this tip but I loved it so much I have to share. Next time you blow-dry your hair, do your eyelashes too! The heat holds the curl and it’s safe for extensions too!

#10 I hate when you finish your eyelashes and you’re left with a thick tubey look rather than a nice natural look. So I like to take a spoolie through the ends to brush out the lashes and give them a more natural taper. 

#11 If you are unlucky enough to get mascara on your skin, it’s best to wait 3-4 minutes for it to dry than to try wipe it right away. When it dries it will scratch off easily (I use a spoolie) rather than smudging all over your already made-up face! 

#12 If your pony tail is always looking sad and limp, use an alligator clip under the ponytail to instantly get a voluminous look. This is so much better than teasing the hair and damaging it or using a bunch of product.

#13 So if you’ve over blended your contour so much that it doesn’t even look like a contour anymore, you can use a banana powder to carve out the contour, and then blend it again. This will clean up the contour super quickly!

#14 After a bunch of celebrities started using this faux freckle trick, I decided to try it out. It helps make it look like you’re wearing less foundation as well as making your skin look more youthful. It’s super easy and fun, but remember to keep it subtle!

#15 Have you ever tried to trip your false eyelashes with mini scissors or even those super expensive eyelash trimmer scissors? It’s super hard to get a nice clean snap off, right? So instead, I use cuticle clippers, they are SO much better! Nail clippers will also work, but the cuticle ones are my fave.

#16 My last tip I call “lip strobing”, which is where I strategically apply a lighter lip gloss to certain areas of my lips, like my cupids bow and lower part of my lips. Pat it in to maintain the texture of your lips and lip product. It helps create definition and a more plump look.

That’s all my tips for now, I want to know more from you guys! Leave a comment with your favourite beauty hack or tip because I love hearing from you all! See you next time. 
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