Candice Swanepoel Inspired Makeup and Outfit!

17 April 2014

I'm really excited to share this post with you guys, I was so inspired when I saw the above picture of Candice Swanepoel, she is of course so beautiful but I also love her fashion sense! I thought the metallic shorts looked so fun, and adore how she paired them with a basic blouse and strappy heels. Candice’s outfits are often really simply and easy to recreate so I thought I’d give this one a go!

I didnt want to do a video on just the outfit so I also came up with a makeup look to wear with it, also inspired by Candice’s natural beauty and glowing skin. Watch the tutorial below:

I'm really happy with how this video turned out, if you want more information like product lists and close up pictures, see below!

Products used:



Outfit pictures and details:


Close up of the gorgeous Rachel Zoe earrings:

Outfit List

Handbag by See by Chloe, Similar herehere and here
Jane Sandals by Saint Laurent  (similar and more affordable here and here)

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

New Closet Favourites for March and April

9 April 2014

I meant to put up this blog post last week but in the crazy bustle of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia I didnt get a chance! So sorry for the absence but all my focus has been on fashion for the past two weeks, I will be returning back to normal schedule now, so please forgive me! I thought I'd still get this post up now, as I thought that you might find my top favourite online purchases of the month interesting! Let me know in the comments!

First is this PU Pencil Skirt in a flesh tone, from Asos, I love pencil skirts because they cinch your waist, maximise your hips and butt, and lengthen your body. They look sexy yet chic because the length is generally at least knee length. I have at least 15 pencil skirts in my closet (now 16 I guess!).

I also picked up this cute casual shirt dress to wear on weekends or while running errands. It's so effortless and I know I'll have it forever because it's by Equipment, they do the best silk basics! It's called the Mina Vintage Wash Dress.

I had been meaning to pick up this Slim Signature Blouse by Equipment, it's just a necessity in every wardrobe. It's a beautiful blouse to take you from day to night in a luxurious silk with a flattering slim fit. I'm not into oversized blouses as much so this is perfect.

The second I saw these L.A.M.B Freeda Sneaker Wedges I knew I had to have them! I don't consider my style to be 'urban' but sneaker wedges just have my heart. These have sheer plastic and mesh cutouts with white and black suede upper. Apparently the sole also glows in the dark - they're just the coolest shoes I own!

I wanted some really ripped and baggy jeans to dress down a blazer and heels, saw these and thought they were perfect! They're the One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies.

I've noticed lately that my wardrobe is seriously lacking smart casual and cocktail dresses, I get invited to a lot of launches and events and lately I've found that I just don't have any dresses suitable for parties or events like these! So I've been keeping an eye out of pieces that are versatile and on trend. This Parker Philippa dress is a beautiful light mauve/nude colour with sheer panels, a little bit sexy and a little bit sweet. I like that it's not form fitting.

I'm a massive blazer and tuxedo fan. This dress combines the blazer look into a dress with different textures and contrasting colours. It's such high quality and feels like it should cost twice as much, the pleather detailing is made of black mesh and the white fabric is some kind of textured and stretchy thick material so it's very forgiving. I love that it's short and figure hugging in the skirt but looser up the top.  I saw this dress about a month ago and finally got it late last week but got it in the mail this morning, it looks AMAZING on, and I just discovered JLo and Alessandra have the exact same dress! It's the Self Portrait Tuxedo Wrap Dress.

Alessandra in Sao Paolo wearing my dress :P

I got these shorts because I have only one pair of denim shorts! They're a really old pair by abercrombie but they're way too short to wear anywhere but the beach. These Siwy Madeleine Cutoffs are just that inch shorter so my bottom isn't showing and I can wear them with heels and a blazer for that daytime look I love so much! I got a size 27 and they fit PERFECT. I also got them in black! 

I should have looked online for these instead of making a rash purchase when I first saw them in a department store the other week... I paid almost $200 MORE for them than I should have, I found them online for much cheaper. Lesson learnt! These are the Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels in Fawn Goosebump and they're just so comfortable and they go with absolutely everything - a great investment for my wardrobe in my opinion! Many celebs have these, including Miranda Kerr.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

VAMFF L'Oreal Paris Runway Makeup Looks #3

1 April 2014
Hi everyone! 

This is my third and final video for my collaboration with L'Oreal Paris and the VAMFF. I hope everyone has enjoyed the previous looks (found here and here). This time I have three makeup looks to share with you, all very unique so there should be something to suit everyone. Don't forget to tell me which one you would wear in the comments!

Look 1
This hottest look this season is the wing. The wing is bold and daring, and you should try to keep the rest of the makeup very natural to accentuate this. Be sure to take the liner out further than usual toward the tail of the brow and to make the line very thick. To balance the eyes, a small amount of liner was smudged through the lower lash line. I wouldn't usually wear my wing like this but it's certainly fun to try every now and then.

The official look:

My version:


Look 2
 The metallic eye in this look is reminiscent of the makeup seen on the runway at Dior in Paris Week recently. It's a very modern style with the edges of the eyeshadows not blended. If you want to try wearing this, I recommend that you blend slightly but remember to still keep the shadow contained to the mobile lid. The dark plum lip adds a classic twist to an otherwise contemporary look.

Official look:

My version:


Look 3
Now for something a little more wearable. Hot red lips are always fun for any season and everyone can find their perfect shade of red. This orangey-red will suit almost anyone but I especially love the colour on people with paler skins like this model. The rest of the look is kept simple, making this suitable for daytime wear. Bold brows and contour keep the overall effect looking sleek and polished.

The official look:

My version:


Be sure to check out my previous VAMFF blog posts HERE and HERE!
Thanks for reading and don't forget to let me know which look is your favourite! 

Natural Makeup for Work + My Lipton Ad!

28 March 2014
New video alert! (if you didnt see it on Thursday when I uploaded it!) This time I show you a simple look suitable for those that work in a corporate environment, it's much more natural than the other work look I did just two weeks or so ago.

I also show you a skit I featured in with Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling - so let me know what you think of it at the end!


VAMFF L'Oreal Paris Runway Makeup Looks #2

24 March 2014
Yay! Another makeup video!

This time its the 2nd [of 3 instalments] of my VAMFF videos with L'Oreal Paris, I'm recreating the looks from the runway shows of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival - I love doing this kind of thing because it really gets me working and forces me to be creative, I am only given one image and the product list and then am left to interpret the look on my own face with no rules to follow! I'm trying to show you guys from home that you can wear the runway trends without being a model or part of a fashion show!

Today the two looks are very different; we had a graphic and artistic liner look; where black liquid liner was drawn through the crease. There was also a much softer and bronzed look which gorgeous shimmery eyeshadows through the lid reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret runway! There's something for everyone in this video.

Now for the pictures, the BONUSES that you came here for! Here is the first look, my rendition and the products:

Love this effortless smokey eye! Her pale skin is just flawless as well, works so well her blue eyes and the brown shadows.


As you can see my version is softer and it comes out quite different as I have more olive skin (and I'm not a professional model). Still love this look and felt very sexy in it!


Next we have the graphic look; no eye makeup besides the liner! It's definitely very cool, but not practical in reality! I modified the liner look to make it much more wearable, as you would have seen in the video. Here is the original picture:

And my version:

I think adding the regular liner and mascara really pulls it together. It still mightn't be for everyone but I love this futuristic twist on the typical winged eye! Very suitable for 2014 as well as it's the year of the wing ;)


Please note I used the Blackbuster Liner instead of the Superliner, and I added the Nude Magique foundation around the eye area.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and why not check out my previous VAMFF post HERE!
Thanks for reading and as always, follow and leave a comment if you have a spare minute!

My NYFW 2014 Video

21 March 2014
So in February this year I had the enormous pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week with my friend Lauren Curtis! We were invited to attend the Alice + Olivia, Vivienne Tam and Rebecca Vallance shows as a group of four with two of Australia's biggest names in Magazines; Cosmo and Marie Clair! So I took the opportunity to film a video so you could follow me around for a day and watch as I interview the TRESemmé hairstylist Matthew Curtis at the Alice + Olivia show!

I'm definitely going to give this hairstyle a go, now I've grown my hair out a little and have layers I feel like it will be a bit easier! The product Matthew mentions in the video is TRESemme 24 hour body spray - this isn't available in Australia at the moment so I recommend the 2 Hairspray instead.

I had the most incredible time in New York by the way, it was so fun to be able to go with Lauren, who is a really close friend of mine, we went shopping together, went to the shows together, stayed in the same room and was able to hang out with the other awesome girls; Sarah, Leigh and Jackie that also came with us. It was the trip and experience of a lifetime and I am so thankful that TRESemme sponsored us to go!


If you can see at the bottom theres Snow White asleep! Surrounded by apples!

Cant tell if Alice + Olivia or customised Valentino?

Here are some more pictures of our trip:

Back in Sydney I was ready to go! 

my gorgeous friend Lauren in Time Square!

My turn!

at dinner with the team on one of the first nights

bathroom selfie from the same evening.

It was so amazing to be able to hang out with Leigh Campbell  - beauty editor of Cosmo Australia!

Another with Leigh

a before-bed selfie in the hotel robe :D

At breakky at the London! 

Lauren! We had a blast together

The first show we went to was Rebecca Vallance!

Loz interviewing the gorgeous Rebecca Vallance at her show!

 Watch her video here, she also interviews the TRESemme stylist!

The presentation was fabulous; love the hair at this show!

TA picture from the TRESemme event we went to together!

Front row at the TRESemme with Mary-Kate! I look horrible.

Stalker pic of the ladies!

How cool are these TRESemme ads? the earrings are hair clips!

everything looks pretty with the snow on it!
Loz getting her hair done by TRESemme! it looked amazing!

Model getting her nail done backstage at Vivienne Tam (I think)

Backstage at Vivienne Tam. The sleek low pony is everywhere!

Some products I was loving on my trip! TRESemme travel shampoo and conditioners; Chapstick, Eyebrow Powder from Anastasia Beverley Hills, Grown Moisturise, Dermalogica Overnight Treatment, Blackmores Valerian Supplements for sleeping, Lash Mania Mascara by Essence and Arbonne Foundation!

High Tea at the Ritz with the ladies was so fun! 
Great experience and the girls are so fun to be with!

O lawd yum cucumber sandwich!

We went to the Knicks game with the team it was SO fun!!!

me and the gorgeous Leigh and Sarah :D

and Jackie!

Here we all are (Loz wasn't feeling well that night so didnt come)


I'm having a snooze. lol!

the best pic!

Took this for Jack ;)

View from our room!

I'm a neat person.
We had a full day of shopping! This is in the Saks shoe department, my heaven on earth.

Loz trying on some heels!

Louboutin display

Was considering buying those Givenchy's...

Saint Laurent tribute sandals. 
such nice shoes!
Trying on sunnies in Saks!

Shopping! Loved Sephora!

OMG the shopping at VS was insane!
My new Cartier ring I got from Saks!

New wallet!

New cuff!
So exciting as an Aussie to see snow!
Being silly for a pic.

Met up with a  long time blogger friend Sophie from Angel Food Style, a definite hilight of the trip!

Got these Jimmy Choo sunnies in Saks!


Saw it snowing!



We loved it! so soft!


ANNNND at the airport!

Starbucks Sandwich. good god it was yum!

And thats it! Hope you enjoyed the video and all these pics :D