29 May 2012

Top 3 Anti-Acne Treatments


As many of you know, I've always had 'troublesome' skin; some days its combination and I have a T-zone oilier than Danny Zuko's 'do, then the next it's so dry its flaking off at my chin and nose - totally bipolar!

Since curing my acne with anti-biotics in 2011, I no longer get more than, say, 3 pimples at once! I dont have any milia and those painful blind pimples are a thing of the past! I'm no longer at war with my skin, but I still get breakouts on the regular, mostly around my period. I know a lot of women have the same sort of skin troubles as myself so today I am going to share with you my top 3 never-fail anti-acne treatments!

1. Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action  Deep Pore Scrub

This Product is AMAZING. It promises 'visibly clearer skin in 12 hours'  - and I attest to that! After using it just once, I noticed visibly reduced redness and size in the imperfections I was experiencing during 'that time of month', and after two days they were almost gone! I use this product every night in the shower after I've removed my makeup with a face wash.  I love how the grains in the scrub are course enough to feel it working, I can't stand scrubs with pathetic, soft granules!

The active ingredient in the Deep Pore Scrub is 2% Salycilic Acid, a proven anti-pimple agent. It removes the oils from your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean, and my skin even stays quite oil-free throughout the day. I've also noticed a significant decrease in the number of blackheads I get on my nose and chin!

I love this scrub so much I now buy two; one to keep in my shower and one to leave at my boyfriend Jack's house! 

2. Clearasil Deep Pore Cleansing Pads

This tub contains 65 white cotton-y pads, soaked in what smells like a POTENT anti-acne formula. The Rapid Action Pads also contain 2% Salycilic Acid, but seems much stronger than the Scrub.

This feels like microdermabrasion when you use the pads on your face, it feels as if every single dead skin and impurity is simply being wiped away! In fact, even after using my makeup remover and the Deep Pore Scrub in the shower, the pad still reveals a concerning amount of foundation and makeup that was left in my pores!

This product feels quite harsh to the skin, and for that reason I would suggest you test it out on a small portion of skin before using it on your whole face. It makes my eyes sting if I get it too close to my eyes and my skin feels a bit raw after using it, but my face has NEVER felt so perfectly clean and polished! I don't think I could live without this product, it makes my skin feel brand new! 

3. Benzac AC 2.5%, 5% and 10%

My sister I have both use Benzac for years. You can buy this at any pharmacy, it is a cream formula where the active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide. which promises to kill up to 94% of germs and bacteria in just a few hours.

 Benzac AC is a cream formula that you apply thinly all over your face before bedtime; this stuff can be harsh - after all it does contains peroxide! With the Benzac it's recommended that you start out with the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream,  then work your way up to the 10%. If you don't, your face can react strangely by becoming red, swollen, and very itchy and irritated for a day or two. Another negative side effect is the dryness it causes, for me it removes the moisture from my skin so much it can become very dry and flakey. This can be addressed by using a moisturising gel every morning.

Despite the side effects, there is no doubt that this product works every time for me when it comes to pimples.

Well guys and gals, these were my TOP PICKS for anti-acne treatments - I hope they work for you just as well as they work for me! Have you heard or tried any of these products before?

Chloe xx

28 May 2012

The Denim Shirt Trend

Hey guys! I've become obsessed with finding myself the perfect fitted denim button up for the past 2 months, ever since I saw a blog post by MayteDoll where she sported one with white jeans and neutral accessories. I adore this stylish casual and comfortable piece for its incredible versatility. 

Last weekend I purchased one very similar to the one you see above; a glorious fitted, high quality denim button up shirt from Guess by Marciano. I love this store as everything is designed to flatter the female form, sometimes the fabrics are cheap and outdated, but I often find really high quality pieces in there that become my wardrobe favourites and I wear to death! I purchased this shirt on sale for $99.00 reduced from about $150. I thought this was a good buy, the quality of the denim and the flattering design is second to none and I've thus far been unable to find one that compares.

Pairing the classic denim shirt with embellished or metallic pieces really really makes a chic outfit and I just HAD to purchase a gorgeous gold sequin skirt as inspired by some of the outfits below:

How sexy does the denim look tucked into a bodycon skirt? Great for a night out - can't wait to do this when it warms up! 

Pairing it with white denim and neutral accessories just oozes effortless class in my opinion.

A cute denim shirt also looks great paired with a boho maxi skirt, as seen on Drew Barrymore below. Personally though I prefer the styling seen on MayteDoll and Rihanna!


If you also love this trend, I've found some links for you to purchase similar styles:
ELLOS Classic Long-Sleeved Fitted Denim Shirt
Levi's Denim Shirt
Youth Against Labels Denim Shirt

What do you guys think of the denim shirt trend?

Chloe xx

27 May 2012

This is a test post

This is a test blog post!