26 July 2012

My Healthy Eating Plan!

People say 70-80% of the visible results to our body from the food we eat. That’s why I believe you should sort out your eating habits before even worrying about what exercises you should be doing. You will see results SO much faster by sticking to a clean, healthy diet and accompanying that with regular weight training and cardio.

To give you an idea on what you CAN eat, I’ve come up with some diet examples. I don’t count calories myself, when you work fulltime and have a social life it’s just too difficult. I aim to eat natural organic foods whenever possible, and stay away from processed carbohydrate, sugars, fats etc. If it doesn’t spoil within about a week – think twice before eating it.

I try to eat well 90% of the time. Sometimes I will have more carbs or natural sugars than I should, but I at least try to keep it healthy. I have maybe 1-2 i cheat meals per week.

Here is a look at my daily meal and exercise routine:
6.30 am - 3 days I week I try wake up early and do a 30 minute jog OR skipping session.
7.30 am - Eat my breakfast and prepare my lunch.
8.30 am – I get to work and immediately have another lemon and ginger hot water.
10.30 am – I have a snack. If I am to have a piece of fruit I have it now as I try to keep sugars before lunch.
1.00 pm – I have my lunch.
3.00 pm – I have another snack.
6.00 pm – I have my dinner.
7.00 pm – This is usually when I train, I train for about 1.5 hours.
8.30 pm – I have my post workout snack or protein shake.
10.30 pm – I try to be asleep by this time but I’m usually awake on youtube or facebook!

Here is an idea of what foods I would eat for each meal.

Breakfast:  I try to eat some good carbs for my breakky, something to give me long lasting energy and that will prevent me from feeling hungry early on. I enjoy having a hot water with lemon and fresh ginger to accompany my first meal of the day.


For example:
- An organic brown or wholemeal bread, toasted with avocado spread on top. This is quick and I have it often.

- An organic brown or wholemeal bread, toasted with scrambled eggs. If I have time I like to add chives, cottage/bocconcini cheese and tomatoes to my scrambled eggs!

- Natural Greek Yogurt with fruit and oats. I layer mine in a glass to make a delicious breakfast parfait, my favourite! Sometimes I swap out the fruit for berries. Add some honey to the natural yogurt if you really need to, only a small amount as honey is still sugar!

- Oats! I make oats more exciting by using almond milk, natural peanut butter and banana. Cook up the oats, almond milk and peanut butter in a microwave for 1 minute, stir it up and add sliced banana on top. Shredded coconut is delish when sprinkled on top!

-Breakfast Smoothie, yummy as any meal really. But I use a chocolate protein like Hydroxy Burn Pro by BSC, add half a banana, Almond Milk, a tablespoon of Peanut Butter and some oats blended all together. Could add berries with, or instead of the banana.

- Oat pancakes. Blend some oats, egg and milk with vanilla essence. Cook as a pancake in a pan and serve with cinnamon and banana.

Lunch: For me, Lunch is time for meat and salad! I stay away from carbs and sugars at this time, and have usually already prepared this meal the previous Sunday. I usually eat the same or a similar thing every day for 5 days while I’m at work. Having my meals prepared means I won’t go to the shops and buy something unhealthy. I always cook with coconut oil.

- Grilled chicken strips with leafy salad, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini.

- A can of tuna with baby spinach, cottage cheese and carrot.

- Homemade chicken patties with salad.

- Grilled fish with mashed sweet potato, boiled broccoli and beans

- A can of tuna with asparagus and made into a salad.

- Beef strips with Boiled veggies

- Lettuce Wrap, get together some chicken, veggies, maybe some cheese and wrap it all up in a leaf of lettuce!

Dinner: I usually eat dinner earlier than most, between 5.30 and 6.30 pm. I then go to the gym and train until 8:30 – 9.00 pm. My lunch and dinners are usually really similar and anything I eat for lunch could also be eaten at dinner and vice versa.

- Baked Salmon with grilled green beans, pine nuts and baked sweet potato.

- Baked ‘lasagne’ – I make my own lasagne by slicing an eggplant and using it in replacement of pasta sheets. Topping your healthy lasagne with some sliced bocconcini and baking in the oven, delish.

- Stir fry, they’re delicious and there’s many ways to mix it up by using different meats and veggies.

- Egg omelette with chicken, tomato, asparagus and whatever other yummy veggies you want thrown in - so quick and delicious.

- Lamb & capsicum Kebabs using Middle Eastern spices, serve with lemon and salad.

- Steak and baked sweet potato ‘chips’, served with veggies.

- Make a ‘Raw Burrito’, a traditional inspired burrito filling wrapped in a crispy lettuce leaf!

- Stuffed Eggplant – I love making a Moroccan mince, with pine nuts, tomato and spices, scooping out the inside of an eggplant and baking it. One of my favourites.

Snacks: It’s important to eat more than just three meals a day. I eat about 6 -7 meals a day, with these small snacks between Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, maybe a small snack after dinner if I’m hungry. These are all really simple and easy to make or pre-prepare.

-An apple, chopped with peanut butter to dip.

-A carrot, chopped with cottage cheese to dip.

- Some almonds or macadamia nuts.

- Natural yogurt with berries.

- Cucumber slices with cottage cheese and tuna flakes.

- Celery and hummus dip.

- Banana slices sandwiching Peanut Butter.

- Boiled egg

For me today it was:
Peanut butter and banana oats for breakfast, yogurt, berry and oat parfait for a snack, baked Salmon, beans, sweet potato and pine nuts for lunch, carrot and a boiled egg as a snack.... and I haven't planned dinner yet ;)

Hope this helped you guys!


24 July 2012

Healthy Eating: My Groceries

Hi everyone,

the most questions I get are about my diet and training regime, so I'm finally trying to give you all more insight into what I do.

It's very important that you educate yourself first, learn about WHY you should be eating these foods. Learn about what carbs are and what effect they have on your body, learn about sugars, protein and fats. What you might have previously thought was healthy, is often far from it!

I got into fitness by stumbling across some fitness models on facebook, some of my favourites to follow are: Bry Jensen, Ellie Gonsalves, Jenna Renee, Christina Halkiopoulos, Tabitha Klausen and of course; Jamie Eason. Just familiarizing yourself with people like this will inspire you like you wont believe! They share great tips and blog frequently about diet and training - My life changed when I started stalking following these  girls!

I guess the idea is to eat natural foods, I don't buy much that is in a packet these days... Anyway, this post should give you an idea of what I would typically buy when I go grocery shopping!

Tonight after training I went to Aldi and Woolworths, this is what I got:

From left;
1 Wholegrain Ryvita - for a mid-morning snack, maybe with Bocconcini slices and tomato slices. Mmm!

2 Minced Garlic - to add flavour to my meats, with lemon/lime juice!

3 Cottage Cheese - as a spread, or a dip for my carrots and celery sticks

4 Coconut Oil - for cooking, substitute the Olive Oil for this.

5 Pumpkin Seed Bread - some days i have toast with avocado for breakfast

6 Frozen Brocolli Florets - if I'm too lazy to cook, or have run out of pre-prepared meals, just chuck some in your lunch box to be heated at work!

7 Free Range Eggs - boil one up and have as a snack, great for breakfast too

8 Natural Yogurt - I enjoy adding this to protein smoothies and making parfaits with the oats and sliced fruits!

9 Fish - Delicious, easy to prepare and healthy as hell. I usually make fish for dinner as I don't like storing fish for later.

10 Salmon - Expensive but delicious and easy to cook, I just put it in a moderate oven for 15-20 minutes and serve with baby spinach salad and bocconcini for a quick, light dinner.

11 Chicken Breast - On Sundays I like cooking up 3 chicken breasts and having it in the fridge for my meals each day.

12 Carrots - I like taking carrot sticks as a snack, usually with Natural Peanut Butter or Cottage Cheese to dip into.

13 Tofu - Hadn't tried this before but is apparently great. Still researching it.

14 Hydroxy Burn Pro by BSC - A low carb protein powder than helps you burn fat. I drink this on leg day or in a morning smoothie. Maybe 3-4 days a week. Not every day. It's chocolate flavoured to so can curb my cravings. Sometimes I cook with protein too... Healthy baked goods etc.

15 Lunch Box Containers - Need loads of these because in order to stay healthy the food needs to be prepared by you at home.

16 Cucumber - To add to salads.

17 Stawberries - My little sugary treat. Try to eat before lunchtime if possible. I love to layer it on my yogurt parfait!

18 100% Coconut Water - DELICIOUS refreshing drink - full of potassium and electrolytes. Love having after a workout. Yum yum.

19 Salad Mix - For when I haven't had enough time to cook something more exciting!

20 Beans - I love the crunchy texture and either cook these or have them raw. So fun to eat. So addicitive.

21 Fresh Ginger - Hot water, lemon & fresh ginger in the mornings kick starts your metabolism.

22 Sweet Potato - I like slicing it and baking it, delicious and healthy.

23 Avocado - Substitute for butter. Delicious spread.

24 Lemon - To add flavour to fish/chicken, and is yummy to put in my tea.

25 Banana - have half a banana before working out for energy. Also add half into a smoothie!

26 Frozen Mixed Berries - To add to smoothies, a 1kg bag lasts me AGES.

27 Rolled Oats - Necesseties for a health nut. I can make energy/protein bars with this, breakfast, parfait, pancakes, put it in a smoothie... Possibilities are endless. So many recipes involve these.

All up this stuff cost me about $140! I would buy this every fortnight, and it's just for me. So being healthy is expensive but results are worth it.

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into my grocery shopping! Hope it helped you in some way, and please feel free to ask any questions.

All the best,

Chlo x

21 July 2012


Hey guys,

I had a feeling people would realise that there was something a little different about my face in my most recent video.

If you follow me on facebook, you would know that the past weekend I went to Sydney with my boyfriend Jack, my friend and her boyfriend for a 'weekend away'. We stayed in a nice apartment in the Fraser Suites and had a great time shopping - but the reason we went up in the first place was to visit Dr Drielsma in Bondi Junction.

If you've been watching me for a long time, you might remember a video I did in response to Pixi2woo's Megan Fox inspired tutorial, I mentioned there that I wanted my lips done. This was over a year ago and this has been on my mind for at least three years. 

I've always been self concious of my lips. I adore full lips and have always hated that my own lips weren't beautiful and plump. I have a naturally very full bottom lip, but my top lip was always very thin and 'flat'. I felt that I didnt look good with lip products on and often didn't even bother wearing lip products for this reason. It definitely got me down more than you would think.

My lips before.

The main reason I never got it done sooner was the cost. Generally, lip injections cost upward fo $600, and I just didn't think it was worth it, I always wanted to save for it, but it never happened. When I got my tax return this year I thought 'that's it, I'm going to do it!'  So I did a lot of research to find a cheap and reputable clinic have a consult at. I searched 'Canberra Cosmetic Surgery' and found the website of Dr Drielsma, who apparantly used to travel to Canberra to do injections. The woman told me that they had a 'SPECIAL' on and said that they could offer me 1mL of Restalyn for $400. This was cheaper than anything I'd found so far, but had hoped to get Juvederm rather than Restalyn.

I did some reasearch and it seemed that the reviews were split, there was no reason for me to think Juvederm was better than Restalyn. However apparantly Juvederm is softer, but less noticable. Restalyn makes more difference but is firmer. I booked in the date for the 20th of July at 1.30 for me and my friend, and paid a $50 deposit.

When I went in to see Dr Drielsma on Friday, the appointment was for 1.30... well, ONE HOUR later we were in his office discussing what we wanted done to our lips. We were pretty annoyed at the delay but anyway... he was ok, but he was a very 'short' probably because things were running overtime and there were patients after us too. He was not apologetic about us having to wait a whole hour later. I told him that I wanted my symmetry in my lips, that from the side, I wanted volume. He explained that this could be done, got us to sign a form explaining that we were aware of the risks, and asked if we wanted dental block. He tried to talk us out of getting the dental block because although it numbs your lip area, you can't talk properly for a number of hours and you have to get the initial injections anyway. There is also anesthetic in the Restalyn too, so it shouldnt hurt too bad especially after he has begun injecting it. I see now in hindsight that I feel he probably didnt want to give me dental block because it would mean we would have to wait for it to set in and he was already so late with appointments.

I decided I might be able handle the pain and I trusted him so I said I wouldn't use the dental block. I went first into the small 'surgery' room and lay on the bed while he prepared the needles.

He began injecting the needle above my lip and put the restalyn into the top edges of my lips. About 6 times. It definitely hurt a lot and I was paralysed with fear because the needles were actually in my face! It wasnt an agonising pain, at all, but it was so uncomfortable, painful and upsetting because you can completely feel the needles being inserted and the product going in. I was crying a lot and writhing my legs... I was very upset when Dr Drielsma laughed that I was crying!! WTF! I think I was very worked up but looking back I feel it was unacceptable that Dr Drielsma told me that it wouldn't hurt. It wasnt immensely painful but the sensation was unbearable, feeling the needle in there... feeling the RESTALYN going in... :(

After he had injected the top parts he did about four right into the centre of my top lip. I could feel the restalyn going into my lip in little balls and I could taste blood! Dr Drielsma massaged my lips quite firmly to spread the product out and shape them. My lips looked sore but he let me check the shape and I was happy. Here is a photo immediately after the injections:

These are photos of my lips immediately after the injections, photos were taken in Dr Drielsma's office. You can see the injection sites, there were more than I expected. 

The doctor advised me that I would need to massage my lips to spread out the restalyn and shape them a bit. But my lips felt so strange I just didn't want to touch them. I was very aware of the foreign substance in my face and it was really uncomfortable, BUT I did feel really confident in the shape and that I now had plump lips as I'd always wanted! 

After me he did my friend Kim. I felt he was actually rude to Kim with some necessary remarks.

We left Dr Drielsma and went to pay.

I should note that Dr Drielsma seemed annoyed we had got the lip job for such a cheap price...

We had already paid a $50 deposit so I paid $350 and the nice, but overly plastic woman at the reception gave us an icy pole tube to hold to our lips to prevent swelling. I really didnt care that we were walking around with the icy pole to our lips because it felt soooo good to numb the area since it was hurting!

We walked around the shops a bit and headed back to the hotel, our boyfriends had gone to the gym so we settled in and had our showers and just relaxed. The boys got back and we told them all about our experience, Jack said he liked how they looked, but that's because the swelling hadn't really started yet!

Photo in the cab on the way to the hotel and then in the hotel after having a nap. 
You can see how it began swelling. 

I had a nap while they all went to get some food, I woke at around six and my top lip was swollen quite a bit. I was still happy and almost wanted them to stay that big - but they were Rosie Huntington-Whitely sized! We did our makeup and got ready because we were going out to dinner - fun! I felt so confident when I was ready, I'd literally never felt prettier and used more lip gloss than ever, Jack was laughing because while it was swollen it looked really 'plastic'.

We had a delicious dinner near the harbour in Sydney, the ability to eat isnt hindered much, I was just careful not to put any pressure on the top lip because it was very sensetive. We wera also told not to drink alocohol because it will make the bruising much worse, so we stuck to mocktails. Later we headed back to the hotel, it was FREEZING, I took off my makeup and we went to bed. I spoke to Jack a little bit about my lips, because I felt like he was acting funny; and realised I'd never asked him what he had thought of me getting it done. He said that he never objected to my decision because he knew how much it meant to me, but he said that I looked so different and it would take some getting used to. I was pretty upset that night because I thought I had made a mistake.

That night I slept ok, but woke up early. I noticed immediately how swollen and firm my lip felt, I went to the mirror and the top lip was HUGE! It hurt to touch and the little round injections of restalyn were lumpy and uneven. I started panicking, thinking that  by now the swelling should have subsided, I was so worried they were going to stay that way! I found some ice and iced them for a while, which did help a little bit. I lay in bed with the ice, and cried because I was s scared I would look like a pathetic plastic Heidi Montag... I remembered that Dr Drielsma said the swelling stays for over 3 days so I reminded myself this is surely temporary.

I was really pouting here... but you can see the swelling and a little bruising. This was taken while shopping so they deflated quite a bit from when I first woke up.

At about lunch time we headed into Bondi Junction mall to go shopping, I felt like buying heaps but didnt have much money after I'd paid for the injections the day before. By this time, my lips weren't as swollen and looked a lot better than before, my friends however had bruised and looked a lot more swollen than mine! I really think that Dr Drielsma mightnt have been as careful on her, because she had the dental block? I don't think he did it on purpose but hers looked MUCH worse than mine.

I only bought one thing on our shopping trip; A pair of gorgeous Tony Biancos from Wanted Shoes. My friend didnt buy anything but Jack bought a little Hugo Boss wallet so he doesnt always have to carry his main one around. When we had finished our shopping, we decided to leave for Canberra. Poor Jack had been dragged through every single shop with out hardly complaining. He's so cute :)

We were back in Canberra by 5.30pm and I relaxed in Jacks house before I had to ready to work on the door at a bar in the city. I was excited because I felt this would be me and my lips' first 'outing' together in public haha! I wore MAC 'Impassioned' lipstick and got so many complients on my lips, but no one suggested that they were fake! I was very happy by this time although they still felt tender and I could no longer 'roll' my lips together comfortably like I used to.

I took this photo while a work. I had 'overdrawn' the lipstick just by habit so they look massive. They look so great with lipstick on now and I got compliments on my lips!

I was almost going to wait a week before uploading a video, I wasn't sure I wanted to tell you all about this, as it is obviously a very personal decision. When I was filming the 'Pinup with a Modern Twist' video I didn't mention it, but one of the first comments was someone asking if anything had changed about me. I of course explained what happened, I don't want to lie to anyone even though i think that I should be entitled to keeping some things to myself about my private life. I knew some people would be against it and might be nasty about it but so far the response has been great. Most of you think it looks nice on me and I'm so happy to hear that!

This is the video tutorial that people noticed my lips were different.

It still feels slightly lumpy but it's barely noticable and my lips look very natural in my opinion. Its not painful any more but it still feels a bit strange to me and I definitely need to get used to it some more!

I can expect this fullness to last for 6-8 months, but they will never revert back to the way they were before. I don't yet know if I will need to get them done again - possibly!

Anyway that is really all I can share for now, I went into as much detail as possible. To conclude, I would not recommend Dr Drielsma to my friends. The result of my lip augmentation was great but I did not enjoy the experience at his clinic.

What do you think of lip injections, have you ever thought about getting it done?

**UPDATE AS OF MARCH 20th 2015: my lips the first time I got them done only lasted 3 months before they went back to being small... the second time I went to Dr Ash in Brisbane and was much happier with his professionalism and result. I got juvederm ultra instead of restalyn - which lasted 6 months as promised. I have a video of it here. Ive had my lips done an additional 3 times since this blog post and recommend Dr Ash, in Brisbane and Dr Sara in Melbourne at the VCI (video here).