26 July 2012

My Healthy Eating Plan!

People say 70-80% of the visible results to our body from the food we eat. That’s why I believe you should sort out your eating habits before even worrying about what exercises you should be doing. You will see results SO much faster by sticking to a clean, healthy diet and accompanying that with regular weight training and cardio.

To give you an idea on what you CAN eat, I’ve come up with some diet examples. I don’t count calories myself, when you work fulltime and have a social life it’s just too difficult. I aim to eat natural organic foods whenever possible, and stay away from processed carbohydrate, sugars, fats etc. If it doesn’t spoil within about a week – think twice before eating it.

I try to eat well 90% of the time. Sometimes I will have more carbs or natural sugars than I should, but I at least try to keep it healthy. I have maybe 1-2 i cheat meals per week.

Here is a look at my daily meal and exercise routine:
6.30 am - 3 days I week I try wake up early and do a 30 minute jog OR skipping session.
7.30 am - Eat my breakfast and prepare my lunch.
8.30 am – I get to work and immediately have another lemon and ginger hot water.
10.30 am – I have a snack. If I am to have a piece of fruit I have it now as I try to keep sugars before lunch.
1.00 pm – I have my lunch.
3.00 pm – I have another snack.
6.00 pm – I have my dinner.
7.00 pm – This is usually when I train, I train for about 1.5 hours.
8.30 pm – I have my post workout snack or protein shake.
10.30 pm – I try to be asleep by this time but I’m usually awake on youtube or facebook!

Here is an idea of what foods I would eat for each meal.

Breakfast:  I try to eat some good carbs for my breakky, something to give me long lasting energy and that will prevent me from feeling hungry early on. I enjoy having a hot water with lemon and fresh ginger to accompany my first meal of the day.


For example:
- An organic brown or wholemeal bread, toasted with avocado spread on top. This is quick and I have it often.

- An organic brown or wholemeal bread, toasted with scrambled eggs. If I have time I like to add chives, cottage/bocconcini cheese and tomatoes to my scrambled eggs!

- Natural Greek Yogurt with fruit and oats. I layer mine in a glass to make a delicious breakfast parfait, my favourite! Sometimes I swap out the fruit for berries. Add some honey to the natural yogurt if you really need to, only a small amount as honey is still sugar!

- Oats! I make oats more exciting by using almond milk, natural peanut butter and banana. Cook up the oats, almond milk and peanut butter in a microwave for 1 minute, stir it up and add sliced banana on top. Shredded coconut is delish when sprinkled on top!

-Breakfast Smoothie, yummy as any meal really. But I use a chocolate protein like Hydroxy Burn Pro by BSC, add half a banana, Almond Milk, a tablespoon of Peanut Butter and some oats blended all together. Could add berries with, or instead of the banana.

- Oat pancakes. Blend some oats, egg and milk with vanilla essence. Cook as a pancake in a pan and serve with cinnamon and banana.

Lunch: For me, Lunch is time for meat and salad! I stay away from carbs and sugars at this time, and have usually already prepared this meal the previous Sunday. I usually eat the same or a similar thing every day for 5 days while I’m at work. Having my meals prepared means I won’t go to the shops and buy something unhealthy. I always cook with coconut oil.

- Grilled chicken strips with leafy salad, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini.

- A can of tuna with baby spinach, cottage cheese and carrot.

- Homemade chicken patties with salad.

- Grilled fish with mashed sweet potato, boiled broccoli and beans

- A can of tuna with asparagus and made into a salad.

- Beef strips with Boiled veggies

- Lettuce Wrap, get together some chicken, veggies, maybe some cheese and wrap it all up in a leaf of lettuce!

Dinner: I usually eat dinner earlier than most, between 5.30 and 6.30 pm. I then go to the gym and train until 8:30 – 9.00 pm. My lunch and dinners are usually really similar and anything I eat for lunch could also be eaten at dinner and vice versa.

- Baked Salmon with grilled green beans, pine nuts and baked sweet potato.

- Baked ‘lasagne’ – I make my own lasagne by slicing an eggplant and using it in replacement of pasta sheets. Topping your healthy lasagne with some sliced bocconcini and baking in the oven, delish.

- Stir fry, they’re delicious and there’s many ways to mix it up by using different meats and veggies.

- Egg omelette with chicken, tomato, asparagus and whatever other yummy veggies you want thrown in - so quick and delicious.

- Lamb & capsicum Kebabs using Middle Eastern spices, serve with lemon and salad.

- Steak and baked sweet potato ‘chips’, served with veggies.

- Make a ‘Raw Burrito’, a traditional inspired burrito filling wrapped in a crispy lettuce leaf!

- Stuffed Eggplant – I love making a Moroccan mince, with pine nuts, tomato and spices, scooping out the inside of an eggplant and baking it. One of my favourites.

Snacks: It’s important to eat more than just three meals a day. I eat about 6 -7 meals a day, with these small snacks between Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, maybe a small snack after dinner if I’m hungry. These are all really simple and easy to make or pre-prepare.

-An apple, chopped with peanut butter to dip.

-A carrot, chopped with cottage cheese to dip.

- Some almonds or macadamia nuts.

- Natural yogurt with berries.

- Cucumber slices with cottage cheese and tuna flakes.

- Celery and hummus dip.

- Banana slices sandwiching Peanut Butter.

- Boiled egg

For me today it was:
Peanut butter and banana oats for breakfast, yogurt, berry and oat parfait for a snack, baked Salmon, beans, sweet potato and pine nuts for lunch, carrot and a boiled egg as a snack.... and I haven't planned dinner yet ;)

Hope this helped you guys!



  1. Hi Chloe, thanks so much for taking the time to do such a detailed post on this, it's really helpful! I have a question - I started going to the gym this year but still consider myself a rookie with cardio and weights. When do you think it's appropriate for someone to start drinking protein shakes? I'm not sure if it will help me tone up just yet as I'm not doing huge amounts of exercise at the moment since I'm in my last (very stressful) semester of uni! :)

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  2. Very inspiring to get back on track, starting TODAY..especially after slipping a bit during the colder months!
    Good lunch and snack ideas especially.


  3. Yum, your meal examples all sound delicious! Would you be willing to make a few recipe posts by any chance? I would love to make anything with eggplant in it - it's my fave! -xoxo-


  4. This is so useful Chloe! It woud be great if you could post some of the recipes! It all looks so yummy would love to know how to make them! xxx

  5. Hey Chloe really useful post! Btw, you wrote that you do 3 sessions a week of skipping/jogging in the morning, is this your only cardio or do you do cardio in your evening training sessions aswell? Thanks x

  6. omg Chloe..you eat so healthy! It is true however, what you eat is much more important than eating unhealthy food but still working out..your skin looks better..I wish I could follow your food schedule..but I think it takes alot of discipline which I lack..what can I say..I love junk food :(

  7. I really like your approach to healthy eating thanks for the post I found it really motivating to eat healthier myself. If you interested in fashion and supporting Australian designers you should check out my style blog.


    Thanks keep up the good work :)

  8. This is truly inspiring for me! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this post, I'm sure that it has helped many! All of your meal examples look and sound very delicious (especially that eggplant lasagna, gotta try that ;P) and I will be sure to try all of your recipes :)

  9. Thanks for the great post! This is so helpful and informative!

    Love your YouTube tutorials and really loving your blog as well :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Jess xx


  10. Thank you for this post Chloe I'ts been really motivating for me too eat healthy too.

    I've been a subscriber of your YouTube channel for ages now and I love all your videos, Facebook, and blog I think you're doing a really good job and it's great to see that from an Australian girl. I'm from Melbourne and have a fashion blog of my own and i'm really passionate about supporting other Australian bloggers like your self.

    I post about all things fashion including runway shows, designer collections, fashion events that I have attended, street style and personal style, I like to put an emphasis on Australian designers and labels because I think it's really important to support our home grown talent which we have plenty of.

    If your interested in checking it all out please do it would mean a lot :)



  11. Chloe Morello you're my fav blogger! i watch all your you tube vids, i even tried the clubbing make up tutorial and everyone loved it, i also tried some of these dishes, they were ahmazzzing lol <3

    please follow me, i've just started my blog:


  12. Hi Chloe, loving your videos and blogs, can u let us know where you got your black halter top from in your latest videos it's really nice?

  13. I am going to try your eating plan...I have gotten just so off track and I am getting married in Nov 2013 and I want to look and feel awesome....I will keep you posted ;-)

    Tiff xo

  14. Thank you for posting this! You've given some great ideas. I know we would all love to see your workout routine too, particularly the booty workouts!

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