19 August 2012

Affordable Fashion, Makeup and Accessory Haul!

Hey everyone!

This weekend I had two makeup jobs and worked a shift on the door at T&G so I was cashed up. I went to the mall today and got HEAPS of stuff, all really affordable! 

Keep reading if you want to see the things I bought today...

First of all I got these two stylish chiffon blouses from Temt, I love neutral colours and these look more expensive than they were; which was $24.95. Love these and will pair them with other neutral items for a classy look.

These cute neon yellow shorts are from Temt - they fit so nice and were $19.95 - gonna wear these in summer!

Picked up some white shorts for summer from Tempt, these fit well and were only $9.95, I lost my favourite white Ladakh shorts some time ago and have never been able to replace them... this will do for now!
From Valley Girl are these beige shorts, so flattering and only $9.95!

As soon as I saw these I rummaged through the racks praying for size 8's... LUCK!!!!!! Love love LOVE these skirts, one is a vintage gold colour the other is like a pewter/gunmetal colour. I actually love these with denim shirts for a cool street look, or dress them up with heels for a night out. The sequins are those semi-matte, teeny tiny sequins, they look like really high quality yet these skirts were just $29.95 each from Valley Girl.

I've had my eye on these jeans from Target for months and months, but I finally gave in because I really I needed them to recreate Jennifer Stano's outfit! She wore very similar pants with a sexy cowl neck top (which I am still on the hunt for...) Jens were probably hundreds of dollars but mine were marked down to just $14.83 from $49!  I like them a lot but they gape a bit around my waist like a lot of pants do. They fit well on my legs and butt but dont fit snug enough around the top. Will have to get Mum to take them in or just wear a cute belt.

Adore this golden necklace from Target, it was $15 and I was so excited when I saw it. It features golden discs stacked along a fine gold chain. Really pretty and light reflective.

Also from Target I got this C.U.T.E clutch bag. I adore tan with a pop of neon this season!  It was $25 and has the hidden gold tone chain strap, I was surprised to see such a cute bag in Target for some reason, but I'm happy I stopped to check out the bag sectoin. I love this clutch!

I always find cute things in Kmart, this summery singlet was  only $15 and  the colour is really cute! Will be great to wear with the shorts I bought, or jeans. They had black ones too which I really wanted but didn't have my size. Will go back and check though because I would love to wear it with jeans, heels and a glam bag for night time!

Hey look my Target bag matches my Kmart top!

Also from Kmart I got this skull scarf, it's really nice for the often awkward transition between winter and spring... and will look cute with a blazer and the singlet. It was just $8!

Picked up a Leopard-y print scarf too (pictured in the centre), scarfs spruce up any outfit, are really inexpensive yet take a look to the next level. I wear them often and the leopard one was $10.

Bought a MACblush from Target! It's a matte brown colour which I want to use as a contour in summer as it's warmer than the 'Personal Style' colour I usually wear. Its like a matte bronzer, most of the bronzers I have are shimmery so this was a good buy and only about $21 I think.

This is a Covergirl lipliner in 'Seduce', its a nude colour that i actually a shade lighter  than my lips but I really like it. One of you guys suggested it to me and thank you for that! I like the pencil a lot so far, it stays on for ages so I will go back to try find a better colour for me. It was $11.95.

I think I have a serious issue with Colette, I literally cannot walk past that store without buying something!? Recently I've felt that my jewellery collection lacked earrings, specifically hoops so I picked up a gold and a silver toned set. Saw those cute little leaf ones too which I had to get. All up these three were about $14.

I did a girls 21st yesterday and she had this cute hair tie in her room, i asked her about it and she told me where she got it from, so first stop when I went shopping was ports Girl! It looks so hot to wear over your hair tie with a slick high pony! Reminds me of Disney's Princess Jasmine, so exotic and sexy. Looking forward to wearing this asap... It was $14.95.

The Nicole by OPI stuff always makes me stop to admire, I finally bought some today! The red one is called 'Daisy's Lazy' and is a sexy read with fuchsia reflects, the middle one is called 'Gone Wishin' and is a purple and blue glitter - I don't usually like blue polish but this one is delightful! The pretty coral colour has peach reflects and it was the first one I wanted, I am going to try it first. The polishes were $14.95 each from Price Attack (I think) in Belconnen near Aldi, I was originally gonna get 2 but the lady said she'd give me 15% off if I bought 3 so I did. I'm such a sucker!

That's the end of my post you guys, I got quite a few things so this will do me for a while. I'm going to try harder to keep this blog updated with the more mundane parts of my life - like what I buy when I go shopping - so that my youtube can be saved for tutorials and more useful info for you!

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you liked in the comments!

Love Chlo Bo, xx


  1. Loving all your buys! I love that they are fashionable yet affordable :)

    The sequin shorts are fab! Where are they from? Are they Valleygirl as well?

    Really great post - look forward to seeing more :)

    Jess xx

    1. yeah theyre from valley girl - thanks for pointing that out i fixed that!


    2. No worries :) oooohhh defs going to check out valleygirl this weekend!


  2. I am seriously SO excited you made a blog :) I love it! xx

  3. for k-mart that skull scarf looks really nice (almost, dare i say, mcqueen-like)!
    nice post, i just love a good haul.


    katie x

  4. i love everything you got! especially the chiffon blouses, the yellow shorts, and the skirts! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  5. gosh i want that clutch in tan <3 it!

    btw i just started my blog, please check it out: http://tboruth.blogspot.com/

  6. Seriously LOVE your bargains!! I'm going to Kmart tomorrow for that top. Please please do more bargain hauls:-)

  7. LOVE that clutch!! Those chiffon blouses are gorgeous too!! I was wondering why you would buy all those shorts when it`s September...but DUH you`re at the other side of the world...lol...Your Summer hasn`t even started yet! JEALOUS! lol...

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