10 October 2013

Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil Review

I'm not new to cosmetic oils, I'm a massive fan of rose hip oil for the face and argan oils for my hair, I use them weekly or even daily in my beauty routines! When I got wind that a household name in Beauty was releasing their own hair oil I was VERY interested. Most Hair Oils seem to come from boutique brands and can only be purchased from specialty stores! The Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil caught my attention because 1. it's an easily accessible and affordable hair oil, you can buy it for just $11.95 from anywhere that stocks Garnier (chemists, supermarkets etc!) 2. it can be used on any type of hair, at any time of day, wet or dry.

 So hair oils, not only in my opinion but in the opinion of professionals, are believed to be the single best way to to provide nourishment for tired locks. It's an ancient ritual with societies from all around the world reaching for products like olive oil and coconut oil to soothe and rid dryness from the scalp and hair. The lipids (fat) in the oils is absorbed by the hair which leaves it silky soft and hydrated, I found that with the regular use of a hair oil, my hair is much healthier, shinier, stronger, softer and less prone to breakage and tangles, but prior to this experience there have been some downfalls in my use with hair oils... 

In my experience, you pay $40 and up for a hair oil product, and usually their designed for ticker hair and it must be used in wet, towel dried hair. My hair is fine, but I have lots of it, so I always find that theres a fine line between applying the right amount, and way too much - which causes my hair to get very oily just a few hours into my day!  The Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil is an extremely light and versatile product made with weightless argan oil, which is famous for its hair nourishing properties but it can be used on the hair in any condition, wet or dry - which is my favourite characteristic of this product. There are multiple ways to use it too; try it on wet hair before shampooing, it acts as an intensive mask treatment! Also try adding a drop or two to your conditioner for extra nourishment, on dry hair for instant glossiness or my favourite, post shower on towel dried hair.

The product comes in this sleek yellow bottle but the product is actually clear, the dispenser is a handy pump that releases just the right amount for me, but is easy to control if you want to use less. I like that if you want to, you can remove the cap, so when you're reaching the end of the bottle you can ensure you get every little bit of product out! As I said previously, the Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil is only $11.95 and you can get it from any where that stocks the brand; for me that's places like Woolworths, Coles, Priceline, and most good chemists. Now we've gone through that, lets take a look at my first experience with the Miraculous Oil:

I tried it on my towel dried hair this morning to see how well my hair would soak it up and how it would make my hair style. The product for one, is very easy it use, I just dispense a small amount (about the size of a  20c coin because I have lots of hair, but finer or short hair can just use a 5cent piece amount) into my hands and rub my hands together to warm the product and distribute it evenly with my fingers and palms through my lengths. Once majority of the product is in the lengths I work the remainder through my mid lengths. I find this repairs the ends and smooths out the broken hairs by the scalp. The product smells lovely and the oil is very lightweight and comfortable in the hair! There is no 'oily' feeling on your hands at all, it feels like  a 'dry oil' that simply gets absorbed. 

Once applying it to my wet hair I took my hair tools and styled as normal with a round brush and hair dryer. I noticed that not once did my hair get tangled in the brush - that's crazy! Usually, because my hair is coloured AND hilighted my hair gets tangled at least a few times in my morning hair styling! But no, my hair felt so smooth it seemed to glide through the brush and made the process so much easier. I feel like this product can easily be added into an everyday routine - so strange for an oil really!

I then went out to a few meetings throughout the day and my hair remained soft and silky looking, very impressed so far, and not an iota of oiliness to be seen. The best thing is, I can apply some more oil to my lengths later in the day to my dry hair to see some instant shine! Thats something pretty alien to me, all my other hair oils have to be applied to wet hair and more often than not can lead my hair to look oily much quicker, not a great look and such a hassle to have to wash your hair again.

The Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil retails for $11.95, thats very affordable for a 150ml bottle of product. You need such a small amount that this product is likely to last you a very very long time! I love that this oil is so multipurpose and can be used on an everyday basis due to its weightless qualities. Definitely a must-have, and at it's affordable price theres not much to lose except crackly and lacklustre hair! ha ha! 

If you want to read some more reviews on this product the Garnier Facebook page has a review tab:http://www.facebook.com/#/garnieraustralia/app_674001389293937
Thank you Garnier for sponsoring this post and providing the product for review!

1 October 2013

Feminine in Floral feat Zoie Boutique

Hey girls, long time no speak! A few months ago I headed down to Melbourne to meet up with a friend and collaborate with one of my favourite Aussie online stores; Zoie Boutique, this is the look from our first shoot of the day:


We went with a gorgeous skater skirt in dark floral print, called the Heavenly Creatures Skirt ($55). I love this style of skirt, it cinches in the waist and really flatters the feminine shape! This pattern is still on trend after becoming really popular last year. 

Paired with the skirt is this cute, sort of loose fitting crop t-shirt with lattice detailing at the bottom called the Fanatic Top. My favourite thing about it is that it still shows the waist through the latticing - so cute, and SO affordable ($39!).

I finished the outfit with a gorgeous Von Treskow bracelet and my Tony Bianco Stilletos!

 Let me know what you think of my outfit :)