7 March 2014

New Video: How to get ready in 15 minutes!

In my latest video I show you my morning routine when I only have a short time to get ready! I've included some quick tips and my favourite products to save time without skimping on important steps in your skincare and makeup routine!

First I cleanse my skin every morning. I don't shower in the mornings unless I have time to; as I always shower at night. The cleanser I used was Pelactiv Gentle Foaming Cleanser, I just got this recently and so far I really like it! I wash my face under running water in the sink and pat dry with a face cloth, it's important to cleanse in the mornings even if you've completed your skincare routine the evening before as your skin still oils up while you sleep and can clog the pores causing pimples and especially blackheads! 

Then I will quickly pop my hair into a pony tail, sometimes I brush the hair for a sleek look and sometimes I want it messy and cool - ya meannnn? (scary movie reference) - so I just sling it up and use my fingers to move the hair around. To get extra volume to your ponytail without teasing it and making your arms hurt, simply use an octopus clip under the base of the pony! This is my ponytail secret ;)

Then I moisturise, you must not ever skip this step! If you ever wonder how some women have beautiful, glowing skin it's probably because they moisturise as often as they should. Moisturising just makes your skin look and feel so much healthier; but I know how annoying it is to use thick moisturisers every day, they take ages to apply from a tub, ages to soak in, and it takes me at least 20 minutes to get my whole body covered. So using a spray moisturiser is really the best option, the best one in my opinion is the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser, in his video I use the dry skin one but I also love the aloe version especially on weekends when I've been at the beach! This makes the routine of applying moisturiser soooo much quicker and easier. You can even easily apply it to your back.

Next I can apply my makeup! I quickly used a Nars primer (will soon be available from Mecca Maxima) before my foundation, which was the spray foundation from Dior; Airflash. This really saved me time as foundation is generally one of the most time consuming steps in my routine as I have a lot to cover and yet I always like my foundation to look more like skin than makeup! The Dior Airflash foundation can be sprayed directly to your face, has lovely coverage and a natural look. To apply I hold it about 10cm from my face and in sweeping motions I spray a little on my forehead, each cheek and chin/jawline, then I quickly blend with a big kabuki brush. The bigger the kabuki brush the more time saved too! my fave is this #27 Radiance one by Rae Morris. 

The rest of my makeup was pretty simple as I just used a brow gel; the Gimme Brow from Benefit (no brow powder or pencil before hand - it's too time consuming), so my brows looked more natural than usual but the Gimme Brow provides thickness and a tint so its better than nothing! The makeup after included some simple contouring, blush, mascara and a bright lip. A bright lip instantly lifts your complexion and makes a statement, when you don't have time for a complicated makeup look or difficult winged eye, a beautiful coral, pink or red lip will steal the show and make you look put together.

And finally my outfit! Try to pre prepare your outfit the night before so you don't stress in the morning... This is a go-to outfit of mine; singlet, jeans and a blazer with a nude bag. I love this look as its simply classic and so easy. 

Blazer: Seduce
Singlet: Sass & Bide
Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren
Bag: Celine Phantom

And thats it for me, hope you all enjoyed this video! Would love to know if you liked this one, as I could do more; Get ready with me: Mornings, Get ready with me: Formal Event, Get ready with me: My evening routine? So many options!


  1. Amazing Chloe! I will definitely be applying your tips to speed up my morning routine :) x


  2. Good tips!


  3. I really want to try gimme brow! Seems amazing!