24 March 2014

VAMFF L'Oreal Paris Runway Makeup Looks #2

Yay! Another makeup video!

This time its the 2nd [of 3 instalments] of my VAMFF videos with L'Oreal Paris, I'm recreating the looks from the runway shows of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival - I love doing this kind of thing because it really gets me working and forces me to be creative, I am only given one image and the product list and then am left to interpret the look on my own face with no rules to follow! I'm trying to show you guys from home that you can wear the runway trends without being a model or part of a fashion show!

Today the two looks are very different; we had a graphic and artistic liner look; where black liquid liner was drawn through the crease. There was also a much softer and bronzed look which gorgeous shimmery eyeshadows through the lid reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret runway! There's something for everyone in this video.

Now for the pictures, the BONUSES that you came here for!
Here is the first look, my rendition and the products:

Love this effortless smokey eye! Her pale skin is just flawless as well,
works so well her blue eyes and the brown shadows.


As you can see my version is softer and it comes out quite different as I have more olive skin (and I'm not a professional model). Still love this look and felt very sexy in it!


Next we have the graphic look; no eye makeup besides the liner! It's definitely
very cool, but not practical in reality! I modified the liner look to make it much more wearable, as you would have seen in the video. Here is the original picture:

And my version:

I think adding the regular liner and mascara really pulls it together. It still mightn't
be for everyone but I love this futuristic twist on the typical winged eye! Very suitable for 2014 as well as it's the year of the wing ;)


Please note I used the Blackbuster Liner instead of the Superliner, and I added the Nude Magique foundation around the eye area.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and why not check out my previous VAMFF post HERE!
Thanks for reading and as always, follow and leave a comment if you have a spare minute!


  1. Nice looks.


  2. Hi Chloe! Love the Runway series! I absolutely love the brow pencil, what shade is it in? My eyebrows are silimar color to yours and would grab that in a heartbeat!

  3. Love both of these looks never really used many loreal products but will be definitely taking a trip to my loreal counter would love to try the lumi stuff and brow pencil both looks are amazing on you and yes you could rock out the eyeliner look suits you :-)

  4. I love both looks a lot. I love the shadow in the first and the cat eye in the second. I think it would ook pretty to take elements from each to use :)

    great tutorial xx

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  5. u look exactly like Candice, the top model!!!

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  7. Hi Chloe, love the first look, thank you for posting! What brush did you use for your eye-shadow? It looks really soft and lush and I want one!!!! (Sorry had to delete and re-post the comment: typo)

  8. You are so beautiful Chloe! I'm addict to your makeup tutorials!