15 August 2014

How I get HUGE HAIR!

Hey everyone,
So excited to share with you my latest video, I often use hair rollers to
bring life, bounce, shape and volume to my rather limp and fine hair.
I just got a new roller system so thought it was the perfect opportunity
to show you how I do it!


Basically unlike normal hair roller systems this one by Cloud nine
comes with The O Pod, which you drop the special rollers in, the pod
heats the rollers up in FOUR seconds and then you can pop them straight in!
As you see in the video my kit came with a selection of rollers and clips,
as well as some hair spray to use before putting the rollers in!

This is The O Pod...

Although it is an investment, I do this look on my hair really often
so it's a worthwhile one. It's saved me lots of time when doing this look!
I actually have the set in cream, it's $409 (Australian Dollars) but there's
currently a coupon code for 10% off and it's: 'CC90814' - it lasts til end of September!

I also used the Cloud Nine Waving Wand to add more waves to the look:

I didn't have a waving wand so I can't compare this to anything
else I have, but I love it! Like the O, it heats up so quickly, is very
easy to use and it's very gentle on my hair. I love big waves rather
than tight ringlet style curls so this gets lots of use. It comes with a
glove too which makes things easier!

You can get cloud nine from their online store and its:
http://au.cloudninehair.com - they sell LOTS of amazing professional tools!

I hope you liked this post and let me know what you think of the video!

3 August 2014

Some of my favourite Makeup looks from Cannes!

As many of you know I recently had the honour of attending the
2014 Cannes Film Festival with L'Oreal Paris! Since then
I've created three videos recreating some of my favourite looks on
the L'Oreal Paris Ambassadors that graced the red carpet this year!

Here are some up-close pictures of my favourite looks,
many of these are recreated on my youtube channel so check
that out here and enjoy this post!