8 November 2015

What is my REAL age?

I was recently contacted by Fitness First to experience the BioAge test – a series of ‘tests’, measurements and fitness activities which promises to tell me exactly how old my body really is! I’ve always been so interested in health and fitness and love to work out… so I was instantly curious! Was my health and fitness age older than my actual age?

Well, I found out…

My first appointment to test my BioAge was last week, but I hadn’t trained in a few weeks so I was concerned in the back of my mind that I would come out with a BioAge of 101 or OLDER…  

Adrianna is the Personal Training Manager at Fitness First George Street in Sydney.  She gave me a quick tour of the club detouring to the change room to drop off my gym bag, before leading me to a private room where I answered a short questionnaire about my general health, eating habits, and how I felt about them.

I’m generally really happy with my diet and fitness but I’ve been away a lot and had a break so definitely felt I would be needing improvement!

Then Adrianna went ahead and accurately measured my height, the girth of my waist and took me to stand on a very futuristic contraption called the InBody, that measured my entire body from the inside!  

Me on the InBody machine!
You can watch the InBody machine scanning your body for things like body fat percentage, muscle weight, heart rate… I had no idea could so easily test. All these things together with the physical test I was about to do would tell us my BioAge.

Next, we underwent the physical test! It was a little/A LOT harder than I thought! She tested things like agility, balance, strength, and cardio abilities. It was tough but I was easy on myself since it was my first session and the results of the session would be pretty telling!

Once we had finished I headed back at the front desk where Adriana was already waiting with my BioAge results…

Adriana & I after my session (I was so sweaty and tired but managed a smile!)

Once we had finished I headed back at the front desk where Adriana was already waiting with my BioAge results…

So, you guys may know that I’m 24 - turning 25 on December 1 -  and my BioAge was revealed as 25! There’s only a difference of two months, between my fitness age and my real age! Not bad, I was really happy with my results and I think I can shave of those 2 months, hopefully more, with some hard work and dedication.
Stay tuned for more blogs and posts about how I go with lowering that age! But first, I want to know how do you think your BioAge compares to your real age?

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To find more information about Fitness First and what they offer, or try them out for free, visit the Fitness First website: itbeginshere.fitnessfirst.com.au and download a free trial pass

5 November 2015


As you might’ve noticed in my recent Vlog from this week, I’ve been trying to tackle a little ‘fear’ of mine, and maybe its something a lot of you struggle with too!  Libra asked me to share a vlog tackling my fear and at first I was thinking of going skydiving or swimming with sharks but I realized that 1. I’m not actually afraid of that and 2. I actually have been meaning to do a post about my little ‘issue’ that I’ve notices I have with my bare face.

I noticed it when my friends would be over and suggest we head out for a coffee. ‘Just gimme five minutes to do my face’ and theyd have to wait around for me to slap on some tinted moisturizer, brow gel and lipgloss… Not really helpful is it? My poor friends have to wait around for me to spend 5 minutes doing my makeup for a trip that only itself takes ten minutes…

It’s certainly not that I think I’m ‘ugly’ or ‘unnatractive’ without makeup or anything like that, its just that I’ve always LOVED makeup and enjoy applying and wearing it so any time I head out I’ve got a habit of putting on. For me it’s not just for a special occasion. I wear makeup to go the grocery store, if I’m ducking out for a sandwich, and even to the beach and the gym. It’s not that I ‘m always in a full coverage foundation, false lashes and a red lip, I’m talking BB cream and mascara for the everyday routine. 

But, #IAmFearless! So I joined the Libra I Am Fearless Campaign and challenged the annoying habit that makes me late on the weekend and causes stress when I cant get that dang wing right :’) The results kind of shocked me, I actually felt like by the end of the video my whole perception had changed and I felt gorgeous. At first when I was at the beach, my face got sweaty, my hair got messy and sand just got everywhere so I felt gross. But that’s something everyone experiences I think. So I gave it another chance and Bianca and I went out to dinner to a restaurant in Paddington. I had a shower and washed my hair, put on a nice black maxi dress,  and a moisturizer to give my skin a drink and headed out. 
I felt gorgeous! There’s more to feeling good than makeup!

You guys know that it’s not about me being afraid of showing my bare face, I do that in front of millions of viewers on my youtube channel every week. But that just feels so alien to me to leave the house and feel like my skin isn’t glowing and my under eye circles say 2 hours of sleep, makeup is like my security blanket. Makeup is a part of my identity. Its what I do with my life here with this blog and youtube channel and my skill and online channel is something I’m so proud of, but maybe I’m becoming too complacent! I need to be able to not leave my friends waiting, let my skin breathe during a workout, and not worry about mascara running in the pool! Sometimes it becomes a hassle!

Watch my Vlog here:

Don’t forget to check out the official website iamfearless.com.au

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