3 March 2015

Training for NTC with Sporteluxe!!!

This morning I woke up at an unacceptably early time to prep myself for what I knew would be an INTENSE first training session in the lead up to NTC in May. Heard of the NTC? It's the Nike Training Club being held on May 2, an entire day of health and exercise held at Carriageworks, see more info on it the Sporteluxe website here!
You have to register and it does cost money ($180) but if you're a fan of Nike, fitness and wellness then it could be an event that would get you excited and motivated to train hard as it gets closer, and also as the weather cools down here in Sydney to keep up your fitness...

Nike master trainer Greg Sellar gave us a personalised plan in the lead up to the NTC and I'm so excited to start seeing results! So I headed to the Sporteluxe office in Sydney after a quick breakfast of Chia Porridge and changed into my Nike gear!

The two Sporteluxe beauties and I before starting the session: Founder/Creative Director Bianca Cheah and Editorial Director Sarah Ranawake

The session involved some toning, strength and fat loss exercises that left us in sweaty piles on the grass afterwards! Think non-stop lunges, pushups, high kicks, mountain climbers... I feel like a million bucks now, but at the time I thought I was dying! If I don't see results it will definitely be because of my diet and NOT Gregs program haha.

We then stretched it all out and Bee and I took the opportunity to admire our new Nike Free 5.0's. I got the blue watercolour pair and she got these geometric pink and neon yellow. They went so well in the session for the type of exercise we did.

Behind the scenes of an instagram shot :P

Bee then took me for a delicious and healthy breakfast at Bread & Circus in Alexandria to refuel and have a chat. 

This is the Quinoa with garlic, chilli, shallots, wilted spinach and fried egg. SO delicious and I'm sure it'd be easy to recreate at home! We also both had a green juice and I finished with an iced latte. No sugar guys ;)

Editing some shots while we waited for our food.


 Love our Nike shorts, Bee got these grey and orange ones and mine are green with dark grey and black piping as you can see above! They're super comfy because they're tight bike shorts with a looser short over the top. Nothing to see here when I bend over guys - perfect for the gym!

Bianca has the most amazing Luxe/Sporty style, follow her on instagram here!

Basically sums our relationship up :P

So while I train for this years NTC I will keep you all updated on my progress! Keep checking back :)

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1 March 2015

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Appreciation Post!!!

I'm absolutely loving this half up, half down hairstyle lately! Just spritz the roots of your hair with some dry texturising spray, and gather hair from the top half of your head (using just your fingers for a messy look and using a brush for a more polished one), then secure with a hair tie. 

I then wrap some hair around the hair tie and bobby pin the ends under!

Super cute and Kylie Jenner inspired!

Celeb inspo:

Love that it looks cute with long and shorter hair cuts! Experiment by curling, waving or straightening the lengths, using braids up the side... making a bun with the top instead of the ponytail, adding cute hair accessories. Limitless possibilities!

Show me your half up and half down looks on instagram but using the hashtag #ChloeMorello.

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