26 October 2015

Print Worthy Photos!

Hey everyone! I love printing out pictures I love to put in frames around the house, and it's something I definitely don't do enough since everything went digital...

Thought I'd share with you my photos I'm planning to print off next time I head to the shops!

Me with Biancas Puppy Sporte The Frenchie!

Cant believe I only met Bianca in 2013... we are so close now!

Photo by Chantel Cheah. 

Bianca is a certified Yoga instructor and so I didn't know what else to do with this picture haha. Kind of sums us up!
Image by Chantel Cheah


Cuddles with Sporte at Kingscliff when I was there last December with Bee (Bianca)

Kate, Bianca and I at her hens last weekend!

Mum and I in Paris 2013. Such a fun mother - daughter trip!

Can you believe Aline and I met in Brussels in 2013 at a meetup I had? Now we are so close and I've visited her twice since 2013!

The amazing time I met L'Oreal Paris Ambassador Eva Longoria with the MD of L'Oreal Paris Australia at the time; Johan!

Such a good night last year with one of my oldest friends Kim x

Me and this girl have the best fun. Tasha xx


We met through our youtube channels but are true friends now! Rachael Brook & I at the Max Media Lab Xmas Party!

With Karin Upton Baker (MD of Hermes Australia) and Elle MacPherson! No big deal! Loved this Jumpsuit... It's Carla Zampatti.

My amazing cousin Isabelle and I at Christmas in Brissy last year!

I already printed off this pic of mum and I from Xmas but I gave it to her in a silver frame for mothers day... now I want another! This dress is from Zimmermann.

Belle and I again. Can't wait to see her at Christmas again in a few months!

This was at Tashas Australia Day party on her boat! So fun!

Me in Croatia this year. My favourite holiday destination!

Ahhhh miss this so much! On Tashas boat at Hamilton Island... SO amazing!

Cutest picture of Tash and I, we were on the dingy to have an island picnic on our hamilton trip.

Another one with baby Sporte... can't get enough!

My little sister Ellie... she's my favourite thing on the planet!

Adore this pic of Ellie and Sporte asleep on my lap.

Bianca at I at the Diner En Blanc in Sydney 2014.

This is my Dad and I on my Birthday last year... don't see him much. So I want this photo printed.

I don't have many pics with Chlo (left) but I LOVE her! This is us; the three musketeers!

 Rach and I at the Chapstick event earlier this year enjoying the cocktails!

I met Nina last year when I was in London, now we are super close and I spent heaps of time with her this year when I visited her! Godiva Icecreams!

Ninas makeup is ALWAYS flawless.

Thats about it for now but let me know if you would you like to see more of my personal pics in the future! 

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13 October 2015

My New Skin Care Regime!


Hey guys! I got to team up with one of my top fav skin care brands; Ole Henriksen recently to show you my current skin care routine using some of their newest products! Maybe you have seen this video before some of the YouTube content you
ve been watching recently? If not, watch it below!

If youve followed me for a while youll know Im not a new to the brand, pretty much the second that Sephora came to Australia and I had access to the products I became simply obsessed with his cleansing wipes and undereye creams... I even got to meet Ole himself when he visited the Sephora store here in Sydney in February! I helped to host a really fun  #AskOle in-store event and I fell in love even further with the brand and the person!

Ole & I had a blast! This picture is from my instagram (@ChloeMorello)


Ole & I at the #AskOle event in February (image from Handbags & Purses)

The Empower range is what Ive added to my routine to get my skin to its best, stay healthy, hydrated, glowing and prevent ageing. I may be only 24 but I certainly want to try to stop the fine lines, wrinkles and spots before they come rather than tackling them when theyve already arrived!!!
Once I was sent the Empower range to try I immediately began trialing it along with my Truth Serum Collagen booster - which is his best selling anti ageing product - and was extremely impressed with how it worked with my skin.

     As you can see from this recent pic, my skin is looking awesome, if I do say so myself! ;)

SO, I thought I
d share my current skin care routine for you!

1.     Remove makeup before I hopping in the shower (don’t worry if its not squeaky clean as the next step will do that for you!)
2.     Wet your face and apply a squirt of the Ole Henriksen Empower Cleanser, work into a foam and apply to your face with massaging circular motions.
3.     Rinse your face and pat dry with a cloth.
4.     Apply the Truth Serum Collagen Booster (one pump is all it takes).
5.     Apply the Empower Featherweight Moisturiser and massage in, applying all the way to your neck and chest!
6.     I then apply my Ultimate Lift Eye Gel in the evenings, and the Fresh Start Eye Cream in the mornings! (I don’t show you this in the above clip but you will probably see it in an upcoming video).
7.     Feel awesome cos your skin is glowing!

                 You can purchase the products at OleHenriksen.com!

Here are some of my other favourites from Ole Henriksen:
1. Pure Truth Melting Cleanser
2. Nurture Me Makeup Removing Cloths
3. Ultimate Lift Eye Gel
4. Fresh Start Eye Creme
5. Power Peel

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Have you tried any of Ole Henriksens products? Whenever I mention them in a video I get so many of you in the comment section telling me that you love his products too I wish I had started using the range sooner! Good things come to those who wait!

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