15 September 2016

Chloe tries to DIY! Elmers Glue Peel-Off Lip Stain

You guys, I’m not the biggest DIY gal but I tried the ‘School Glue Makeup: Peel Off Lip Stain’ and it was an interesting challenge. Lol The main reason I tried this is because I just wanted to peel it off - I love peeling things! haha. The aim of the game is to apply the stained glue and once you peel it off, it’s supposed to give your lips a perfect tint.

So for this tutorial I used some new products - Elmer’s Glue and food dye. In two easy steps you just pour some glue onto a plate (or whatever you think would work) and then mix in some food dye - I used red. Once you get a good colour, DO NOT use your Rae Morris lip brush to apply it with! Use a damn cotton tip, you here me?! Then you wait until the glue dries - I was a little impatient and got my hairdryer out.

The first time wasn’t the best - the colour didn’t stick. My lips were barely tinted. After that much effort I had to give it another go. I re-applied and waited for the glue to dry again.. even covered my hand in glue to kill the time haha
I may have dried out my bottom lip in the process but I kind of got there! My lips had a nice red tint to them, I applied some clear gloss over the top for a bit of extra shine and conditioning relief.

What did you guys think? Will you try it? I’d love to hear some suggestions of other DIY’s - hit up my twitter or comment below :)

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3 August 2016

Pink Hope GRWM Video!

For those of you who have already seen this tutorial, I hope you got a few lols while I powered through some serious jet lag to get ready for the Pink Hope Australia Ball! I should mention what Pink Hope is about - its an organisation founded to help bring awareness and support to women at-risk or battling with ovarian or breast cancer. You can get involved and help raise money with their up-coming campaigns such as Bright Pink Lipstick Day - its a fun way to encourage conversations about preventative measures.

Naturally I wanted to wear a glam look for the event. I teamed the smokey eye with a bold plum-coloured lip - the Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick by MAC. Its a perfectly matte texture!
My sexy (sleepy) eye look was created with MY FAVOURITE eyeshadow palette that I custom-built at Inglot (the details of this bad boy palette are on my insta). I use all the pretty champagne and mauvey tones for this look and I use one of the greatest ever blending brushes - the blending E36 from the Performance Eye Kit by Sigma - so GOOD. You all should have it in your lives, for real. 

As well as revealing one of my tips to bringing your eyeshadow back to earth when you take it up too high (Houston, we have a problem.) theres some on-point contouring and highlighting happening in this video! Because people want the glam!! And I love highlighters Im crushing on the Laura Mercier Ritual Powder, which is a beautiful marbled bronzer/highlighter. I paired that with Dior Skin Nude Air powder (highlighter) - DELICIOUS. I use my old faithful Giorgio Armani Lumious Silk foundation because, dang I love it. 

To finish off the whole look - I lathered my décolletage in the NARS Body Oil  

The dress I wore is by Zhivago and Earrings by The Dark Horse Jewllery.

You can shop some of the products below:

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30 July 2016

HUGE $2000 Makeup Haul!

If you haven’t already checked out my recent video, $2000+ Makeup & Beauty Haul, go have a look! It’s always fun to share with you guys all the cool stuff I purchase overseas and online. There’s so many favourites in this vid!

Such as, the Tom Ford Soliel Blanc, it’s an illuminating gold shimmery oil. I use them a lot! Lather it on your skin after a tan and daaayyyymmmm it looks good. I also got the Tom Ford Mood Light Skin Illuminating Power Duo - check out the shine tho!! My face says it all lol.

I tried to stop there with my shopping habit... I’ll continue the list below;

I went to Debenhams department store and got my hands on some Makeup Forever products!
I bought the Mist & Fix spray
A smoothing primer and a mattifying primer
A mini brush cleaner to use while travelling.. hehe I didn’t even use it. BUT I will.

Then... prepare for the shimmer highlight heaven you’re about to witness when you see the stuff I purchased from Inglot.I created three palette with a mixture of neutral matte, shimmer and glitter eyeshadows, check out some swatches below!

I got the AMC body and face illuminator - it’s a pretty rose gold liquid illuminator.
The Body Sparkle - I bought 6 of these bad boys and I usually use them on my eyes instead of my body! I love layering these over other eyeshadows for more depth of colour.
Body Pigment Powder - ssuuuccchhh a nice highlight. The powder is super fine.
The Sparkling Dust - seriously, so awesome. You could see that shiz from space! I bought a gold and a rose gold  - you can see a little swatch video I uploaded on my instagram a few days ago.
I got the pure pigment eyeshadows in couple of colours - holy wow Inglot can shimmer.

Lastly, I got some Fleur de Force for Eylure lashes, in ‘Fleur Loves’ I really like these lashes because they’re so natural and flattering.

Once I got home, I went a bit nuts on netaporter.com and bought some more goodies..
‘Lash Food’ by Eco Cert, I hope this product brings my lashes back to life!!
I got a beautiful bronzer by Kevin Aucoin called the Sienna Warm Coral - The Neo Bronzer. I don’t even want to dip a brush in it, it’s too pretty!
The Anastasia Peach Nectar Illuminator - it’s the first of my collection. 
The bronzed powder illuminator in Epic by Illamasqua. It’s truly epic!

From Mecca Maxima I gootttt…
The Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment and the Tingling & Exfoliant mud mask.
a Kit self tanner applicator mitt - I wanted to try a different brand and this one has some special soft-touch material for easy application.
The Urban Decay setting sprays - the Vitamin Infused Complexion prep spray, the All Nighter setting spray and the Oil Control setting spray.
The Mecca Cosmetica Enhancing false lashes and the Luxe false lashes.
I bought 2 more Clarisonic cleaning heads; the Normal brush head and the Deep Pore brush head. At the moment I’m just using the sensitive brush head so I thought I would give these a try!
Ciate cheek pops - a highlighter and a bronzer! They’e so cute!
A Mecca Cosmetica lip balm - far out these are so GOOD.
The last thing I bought is the NARSISSIT Cheek Studio palette. There’s the essential bronzers, blushes and highlighters in it!

AND that’s my haul! I love buying new products, I know I get stuff sent to me but I don’t really get to choose, so it’s a real treat to go out and buy the make up I really want! I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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14 July 2016

Hey you guys!

So, I finally got my hands on the awesome little applicator tool, the Colorme Device. Its an automatic foundation applicator and Ill take you through my thoughts and how it works! The particular Colorme Device I used was the pro edition.

Its super versatile, you can use it to apply liquid or power foundation, concealer and BB creams. In my tutorial I went with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk liquid foundation and I used about 3 pumps in total. Using the same sort of circular motion you would with a brush, do the same with the Colorme applicator. It feels reaalllyy nice and the finish is smooth and dewy thanks to the soft sponge, which kind of vibrates to push the foundation into your skin, for long-lasting wear. I do wish the sponge was a little bit bigger. I think the intention for the Colorme Device was to help those who are not make-up artists, get that flawless brush-like finish. I found that it didnt take much effort to reach my desired effect. You can use the tip of the sponge to buff in concealer and Im pretty keen to use my contouring creams with it too! Yas!

As for the maintenance, the disposable sponges last 2 - 4 weeks and in the meantime, simply wipe over with your brush cleaner! You can purchase spare sponges in sets of two for $15 - $30 for the Pro Edition on Net-A-Porter or Sephora Australia. Pretty sweet!

Overall, I really enjoy innovative ideas like this when it comes to makeup application. This is definitely a product that I would spend money on. Even though I could totally get the same effect using a brush, this is a more convenient or luxurious alternative I feel! For real makeup lovers, you will appreciate the Colorme Device! Not to mention its a perfect gift idea for makeup lovers who have everything.. or just because you should treat yourself, obviously.

Let me know what you think, would you use it? Ps, if theres any products youd like me to review - feel free to leave it in the comments :)

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5 July 2016

Eid Mubarak!

You guys know how much I love creating beautiful, glam EID looks every year! I really appreciate how well-received they are because its so much fun to create! For those that are curious, Eid celebrates the end of Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting. Its a time of celebration and coming together with friends and family. 

I believe its really important for us women to stick by each other and feel beautiful in our own skin. I think we can all acknowledge that, theres enough hate and sadness in the world - so if you might think Why is Chloe even uploading a video dedicated to a religion that she doesnt follow? Just remember, its about celebrating life and unifying women, regardless of their race or religion.

This year I filmed TWO looks! (ya welcome) The first is a soft grey/taupe with subtle highlights through shimmery shadows and dewy skin. I amped up the eye make-up with Lilly Lashes, in Cannes - one of my favs!

Shop the products here:

The second look I created is much more glamorous (I listened to the requests you guys!) with a glitter cut-crease, heavenly full-coverage foundation and a really fun bold pink lip. For part of the eye makeup I used my liquid gel eye-liner to straighten or I guess, give my eye the almond-eye shape - crazy what you can do with a bit of effective product placement!

I used a mix of high-end products, like Giorgio Armani, Burberry and Charlotte Tilbury. Plus the usual favs such as IT cosmetics, Sigma and Maybelline (just to name a few). I finish the eyes with Esquido Lashes! Delicious (Miranda Sings voice).

Shop the products here:

These looks are so versatile, you don't have to save them for EID. Whatever the occasion just make sure you enjoy your makeup AND enjoy yourself! I hope you all have fun watching these tutorials, let me know what you think!

Check out my other Eid looks from previous years! 

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