3 August 2016

Pink Hope GRWM Video!

For those of you who have already seen this tutorial, I hope you got a few lols while I powered through some serious jet lag to get ready for the Pink Hope Australia Ball! I should mention what Pink Hope is about - its an organisation founded to help bring awareness and support to women at-risk or battling with ovarian or breast cancer. You can get involved and help raise money with their up-coming campaigns such as Bright Pink Lipstick Day - its a fun way to encourage conversations about preventative measures.

Naturally I wanted to wear a glam look for the event. I teamed the smokey eye with a bold plum-coloured lip - the Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick by MAC. Its a perfectly matte texture!
My sexy (sleepy) eye look was created with MY FAVOURITE eyeshadow palette that I custom-built at Inglot (the details of this bad boy palette are on my insta). I use all the pretty champagne and mauvey tones for this look and I use one of the greatest ever blending brushes - the blending E36 from the Performance Eye Kit by Sigma - so GOOD. You all should have it in your lives, for real. 

As well as revealing one of my tips to bringing your eyeshadow back to earth when you take it up too high (Houston, we have a problem.) theres some on-point contouring and highlighting happening in this video! Because people want the glam!! And I love highlighters Im crushing on the Laura Mercier Ritual Powder, which is a beautiful marbled bronzer/highlighter. I paired that with Dior Skin Nude Air powder (highlighter) - DELICIOUS. I use my old faithful Giorgio Armani Lumious Silk foundation because, dang I love it. 

To finish off the whole look - I lathered my décolletage in the NARS Body Oil  

The dress I wore is by Zhivago and Earrings by The Dark Horse Jewllery.

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