15 September 2016

Chloe tries to DIY! Elmers Glue Peel-Off Lip Stain

You guys, I’m not the biggest DIY gal but I tried the ‘School Glue Makeup: Peel Off Lip Stain’ and it was an interesting challenge. Lol The main reason I tried this is because I just wanted to peel it off - I love peeling things! haha. The aim of the game is to apply the stained glue and once you peel it off, it’s supposed to give your lips a perfect tint.

So for this tutorial I used some new products - Elmer’s Glue and food dye. In two easy steps you just pour some glue onto a plate (or whatever you think would work) and then mix in some food dye - I used red. Once you get a good colour, DO NOT use your Rae Morris lip brush to apply it with! Use a damn cotton tip, you here me?! Then you wait until the glue dries - I was a little impatient and got my hairdryer out.

The first time wasn’t the best - the colour didn’t stick. My lips were barely tinted. After that much effort I had to give it another go. I re-applied and waited for the glue to dry again.. even covered my hand in glue to kill the time haha
I may have dried out my bottom lip in the process but I kind of got there! My lips had a nice red tint to them, I applied some clear gloss over the top for a bit of extra shine and conditioning relief.

What did you guys think? Will you try it? I’d love to hear some suggestions of other DIY’s - hit up my twitter or comment below :)

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