25 March 2017

Trying out $14 veneers!

Hi everyone! So in my last trip to the US I visited CVS with my fiancĂ© Seba and we found these “Perfect Smile Veneers” for $14. 
I’ve been very privileged in my life in that I have had access to dental care - everything from regular dentist visits to orthodontic braces and professional teeth whitening. However, not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. To not feel like you can smile and laugh because you are insecure about your teeth would be awful and so I hope this video can maybe help some of you find an affordable option to help out in this area.
A mouldable bit of plastic adheres to your top row of teeth and holds the veneers in place. You have to soften it in boiling water (be careful!) before applying it to your top row of teeth. It definitely pushed out my top lip and felt quite bulky and awkward in my mouth. Talking was a struggle - it felt like wearing a retainer. I also cannot understand why they made the gums so red! It would be such an improvement if they were a more natural colour. You can’t eat or sleep while wearing this, but drinking is ok (I would recommend using a straw). 
These would be difficult to use for everyday wear but I think with some practice you could make it work. If the gums are poking into your mouth, I think filing them down could fix that. I would recommend them for photos (school picture day for example) or for times when you won’t be talking a lot or eating.

This product made me very grateful to have my teeth. I definitely think that dental and health care should be accessible for everyone and not just those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it.  If you would like to try these veneers you can find them on Amazon or on the Perfect Smile website. Thanks for watching!
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How I Straighten out my Button Nose!

Hey everyone! So, confession: I was never able to contour my nose properly until I was forced to practice while collabing with Revlon to make my contour kit. I wouldn't contour my nose every day, usually only with a full face of makeup. Straightening your nose like this definitely adds some sexy glam to your look so I would tend to wear this at night going out. If you have a button nose like me (which is cute, but sometimes you want it to look a bit straighter), then this video is for you. 

First, use the banana powder and powder over your nose, which will help the powders blend seamlessly. Next take an angled precision brush and take a very small amount of the contour shade on the edge of the brush. Starting from the top and moving down in small strokes, begin to contour the sides of your nose. Remember, you want to build the contour GRADUALLY - it’s all about keeping it subtle and natural. Next, lighten with the banana powder down the centre of your nose, and clean up the contour by softening it with the banana colour again. It’s super simple once you have a bit of practice!

I used the P89 Bake Precision™ Brush from Sigma to contour the sides of my nose.

Now you’ve contoured, you can go ahead and do your eye makeup! If you mess up your beautiful contour with mascara like I did, don’t freak out, just wait for it to dry and then GENTLY scrape it off with a clean spoolie. 

If you have any tips to share, please leave them in the comments! I’m still not an expert on contouring and I love hearing from you guys. See you next time!
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6 March 2017

Trying PUTTY FOUNDATION (first impressions!)

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got one of the weirder videos I’ve done… a review of PUTTY foundation! The product is the “Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector” by Stila, which I bought myself (not a PR send out). When I spotted it I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a putty foundation and I knew I just had to try it and review for you guys!

I mixed two different shades, light and medium, to match my skin. I was surprised as to how lightly it went onto my skin, because I expected it would be really tacky and heavy. It definitely filled in my pores (especially if you swipe instead of pat the foundation in). My skin felt velvety smooth afterwards, which really impressed me. A tiny bit will transfer off if you rub it but it’s not like some foundations where the slightest contact and it comes right off. 

It gives quite an airbrushed look, so just be careful not to put on too much or you’ll look like you’re wearing a filter irl. Up close you can see that I’m wearing it, especially after a whole day wearing it when it settled into the lines of my skin (but that’s to be expected with any foundation ever!) It also did get a little bit shiny after seven hours’ wear, but the product is small enough that you can throw it in your bag for touch ups through the day. Another negative is that they only have five different shades available on their website! I hope they add more soon. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin, but it would work well for normal skins. I’ll definitely be using it in future videos. The website claims to leave a result looking like skin, not like makeup, and I can honestly say it felt like I was wearing nothing on my face. Overall, I really liked this putty foundation, it was definitely an interesting product AND my fiancĂ© Seba complimented my skin while I was wearing it so I’m happy!

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